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Track Sleep Health Recovery

Introducing "SleepRecovery" - the app that helps you track and measure your body's recovery during sleep using heart rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature (on compatible Apple Watches).


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Have you ever wondered if you're getting enough restful sleep or if your body is fully recovering after a tough workout? SleepRecovery helps you answer these questions by providing you with accurate data on your body's recovery during sleep.


Simply wear your Apple Watch with Sleep Tracking while you sleep, and let SleepRecovery do the rest. The app will track your heart rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature throughout the night to determine the quality of your sleep and how well your body is recovering.


SleepRecovery uses this data to provide you with a recovery score, which can help you adjust your workouts, sleep habits, and lifestyle to optimize your recovery. The app also provides personalized insights and recommendations based on your recovery score, making it easy for you to make informed decisions about your health and wellness.



- A paired Apple Watch is required

- Body temperature requires an Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch Ultra.

- Sleep must be set up with Track Sleep with Apple Watch enabled.

- Sleep Focus must be enabled for at least 4 hours a night for about 3 nights.

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