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Flippy is the best flashcard app using smart algorithms and modern technology to improve learning. This way you can master every exam or just learn for life better.



Did you know, that you forget 40% of the stuff you learned after one hour? Or, did you know, that you only remember 30% of your lecture after one day? With Flippy these times are over. Flippy is a flashcard app that uses smart algorithms and modern technology like ARKit to improve learning. This way you can master every exam or just learn for life better.


Flippy's growing list of features includes:


• Generated sessions just for you. Tap and start - no need to choose your cards.

• Intuitive interface during each session. Swipe left to mark as unknown, swipe right to mark as known - and tap to see the answer.

• ARKit based eye-tracking to avoid distraction while learning (Available on iPhones and iPads with TrueDepth Camera System)

• Easily import existing flashcards from the web or write your own cards.

• Create stacks of flashcards on your devices by taping, drawing, sketching or importing graphics.

• Smart reminders, when it’s time, to repeat your cards again.

• Algorithm based on the Leitner study system.

• Detailed statistics of your progress.

• iCloud Sync between all devices (requires Premium).


This is an excellent app & I’m really happy to have discovered it. I’ve found it to be better than Anki, with a better UX & more reliable functionality. Once you get a deck sorted, it’s super easy to use & handoff across all your devices. I was able to do a little practice on my watch! Overall, I’m glad I got in with Flippy early on. I got the lifetime subscription & I’m excited for any new features the developer rolls out, but I can’t really imagine it getting much better!

- SchemeViller – 01.05.2022


5.0 is definitelly a great improvement! The developer responses to feature request quickly.👌

- Flying Pig Cameron - 10.01.2022


I have been using the big other apps for a long time. By chance now discovered this one. I can't believe how well everything works and I don't understand why this app doesn't get more attention. Will definitely recommend it :)

 - ProductiveBoy – 19.09.2022


Very pleasant to use to revise and stay motivated. Some flaws are still present, but they have been improved and the application really deserves to be discovered and used... I use the iOS version to revise and macOS to write my flashcards. For my part, it is the macOS version that still needs some optimizations to improve the user experience... However, congratulations to the developer for this application which seems to me indispensable today to study. It makes my revisions more relevant and more fun.

- jcharles b… – 17.04.2021


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