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A calendar, a to-do list and a productivity tool in one app? That's exactly what Planny - Day Planner offers you. With the help of this handy helper you can keep track of all your tasks and stay organized even on hectic days.



There are tons of apps that let you write down your tasks and forget about them. Planny is different because it helps you remember tasks and actually do them, too.


Unlike other apps, Planny is designed to help you complete the tasks that you need to do. It does that by making it quick and easy to organize tasks into lists, but it goes way beyond that. Intelligent planning features mean you'll be scheduling your day and planning ahead in a way that wasn't possible before. Not only will no task ever fall through the cracks again — you'll know exactly what's on your plate today, tomorrow, and every day after that as well.


By combining your tasks with your calendar, Planny gives you a unique view of everything that needs to happen, when it needs to happen. You'll never be surprised by a deadline or appointment again!


Planny's growing list of features includes:


  • Support for multiple lists as well as an inbox for quick task collection.

  • Tags and priorities that can be assigned to tasks for easier filtering and planning.

  • Attachments that ensure any associated materials can be kept with tasks at all times, ready to be accessed.

  • Time and location-based smart reminders so you'll always know what needs to be done.

  • A comprehensive calendar view that includes appointments alongside your tasks.

  • Planning tools including Daily Briefing and Planner modes to help you get set for the day ahead. Planny will make suggestions for tasks that should be added to the daily planner.

  • Cloud syncing of tasks across all devices on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

  • Productivity statistics help those who like to see statistics on how good they are at the thing we're all here for — getting stuff done!

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"I have just loaded this app and I have found it easy to follow, It is one of the best on the market, providing you with all you need without being too complex, I am looking forward to the addition of location based reminders which I believe are in the pipeline. Thanks to the developer for a great app and it also nice to see updates coming through regularly."

- Scotuser – 23.03.2018


"Wonderfully designed app. Great anesthetics and functionality. Would have loved to have a web app too, so that's it's available from computers too."

- Mumblr – 15.02.2018


"Has everything from list to charts and graphs showing need to do and task that are done. You can also add dead lines and location reminders."

- module 15 – 28.02.2019


"Crisp design. Minimal effort. At the end of the day I feel I have accomplished something. Best of all, those accomplishments are permanent. The only app that pays you on the back! Good job."

 - lebbedshlaw – 08.02.2018


"This might be my first or second review I’ve ever written. I’ve been using Planny for about 6 months now and I really like it. I think I’ve tried every productivity app in the App Store and Planny has a nice balance in that it’s not too simple nor too complex. I haven’t had any issues with crashes or bugs. I love that is has a widget. I upgraded to pro so I could use it on my iPad and phone. The app itself is beautifully designed. I love the color choices. I do have a couple requests: maybe make it easier to organize todos in order of priority? Also have an “in progress” function so you don’t feel like a complete failure the next day when the app guilts you for not getting anything done. 

Side note: I had a question and emailed the developer, he got back to me right away and seems like a really nice guy."

- Gril0029 – 25.12.2018



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